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1 - What does Catbird love about celestial moon and stars jewelry? Why do you think people are so drawn to them?

The motion, the mystery, the shine, the twinkle, the infinite - it all is so suited to jewelry, which is - at it’s very best - starry! I think people are drawn to them for the same reason we are: who doesn’t want to be moonlit and luminescent?

2 - Three words that describe Catbird?

Poetic  Kind  Funny

3 - Jewelry can be . . .

Out of this world!

4 - In brief, what has been the Catbird journey?

Rony started Catbird in 2004 with 16k in savings and some zero-interest credit cards and a desire for a project that could morph and take shape over time, where she could sell things she loved in the neighborhood she lived in. One tiny store became two tiny stores and then back down to one tiny store and jewelry became the focus because it is meaningful and beautiful and full of joy. One jeweler made our line, and then more and then we built a studio and got an office, and then we moved those around a bunch because we got more people and outgrew spaces, and buildings were sold because that’s what happened in Williamsburg then and now. We work and make our line in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and have our flagship store on Bedford still and our Wedding and Welding Annex a few blocks away. There are about 110 of us Catbirds and we’re cooking up all sorts of things.

5 - Everything is made in Brooklyn at your studio, why is that important to you? To your customers?

It’s important for us to make everything ourselves so that we can control quality, and working conditions, and so that we can work reflexively and quickly, and so that we can eat lunch with our jewelers and run to the other side of the office to ask them questions or to work on a new idea. And for our customers, I think it’s important for them to who know how and where their precious (literally and metaphorically) purchases were made. The answer for us is in a big, sunny, super clean, state of the art, but also personality-filled studio, with dogs underfoot. Catbird jewelers take decorating benches for birthdays very seriously.

6 - You have implemented many sustainable practices. Can you talk about them?

We moved all of our casting (one of the only things we don’t do ourselves) to a caster who uses all recycled gold and clean energy, and we take the subway to them! Minimum carbon footprint! We use bike messengers to transport goods between our locations. But most significantly, all of our brilliant diamonds are recycled. No extra mining. 

7 - Catbird also gives back. Quite a lot. Why is this important to your brand?

Giving back offers our customers an opportunity to be part of a community that has similar values and it gives even more meaning to the jewelry we make. Plus I am not sure how I could sleep at night if we were not trying to be an agent for change.

8 - Jewelry should make you feel . . .


9 - Would Catbird like to visit the moon?

Do they have coffee there?

Jewelry used in these images are the Secret Star Moonstone ring by Leith Clark x Catbird, Her Cup of Stars and Celestial Rose necklaces by Sofia Zakia, the Tiny Crescent Moon necklace by Yayoi Forest, the Large Star earrings by Sehti Na, the Sleeping Beauty Opal stud, and Tiny Dancer Moon and Star studs all by Catbird. Bodysuit is vintage Maison Martin Margiela.

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Photographs: Paul Westlake

Model: Loulou Westlake

Hair & Makeup: Clelia Bergonzoli



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