Marla Aaron x PAN & THE DREAM Collaboration

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The Pearl and Brass Cuffling™ is a collaboration between Marla and myself and only available here on PAN & THE DREAM.

When I discovered Marla Aaron, I was immediately attracted to her un-precious way of mixing ‘industrial’ and precious together.
It all started with a dowdy strand of pearls she ‘modernized’ for me. She did this by removing the old fashioned white gold clasp and replacing it with one of her signature ‘industrial’ brass locks.
This fitted in perfectly with my aesthetic sensibility of mixing up the styles thus creating an interesting visual tension. Things seem more beautiful to me when slightly off kilter, just as the placement of the pearls on the Cuffling™.

Marla and I are so on the same page about this that it came together in the most natural way. She is the one who inspired this collaboration and I’m so excited to have Marla Aaron available here.

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