About Us

PAN & THE DREAM is a growing collection of little wearable dreams... the ones we create and the ones we curate...

About our SOCKS:

They are a wearable decorative fashion accessory. The design is a modern take on the vintage stocking. Stockings once had very little stretch in the fabric and often looked ill fitting. We emphasized the 'wrinkled' look and kept the beautiful stitched back seam.

Each sock is handmade in New York with attention to detail and using only the highest quality European fabrics. Small variations from sock to sock are normal as with any artisanal production. 

The socks look just as great teamed up with a pair of cargo pants as they do with an evening dress and on women of any age. Timeless!

If you are after colors you don't see here, or variations on a style, just ask, we can work on special orders.

Nothing lasts forever, especially delicate items such as tulle socks, but we believe in the quality of the fabrics we use and if treated reasonably, as any delicate item, they should last for a long time. We recommend you wash them by hand with gentle detergent (we sell our favorite one) but provided they are placed in a mesh bag you can put them in the delicate cycle of your washing machine - front loader preferred.

Although it may seem common sense, socks are slippery and it is not recommended you wear them without footwear, especially on bare floors.


About our collaboration with MARLA AARON Jewelry:

We are curating a small collection of pieces designed by Marla - we are madly in love with her hardware inspired locks - as well as creating together new pieces exclusive to Pan & The Dream. For more on Marla Aaron jewelry, visit www.marlaaaron.com


PAN & THE DREAM takes pride in offering locally handmade pieces. We try our best to offer a product that is made with consideration to you, to the people who hand make each piece and to the environment. Nothing is mass produced, nor wasted and with each item purchased, you are supporting a growing need for products made with artisanal methods. NB. our beautiful packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard.

Please shop with consideration, buy less, buy better.



Some of our socks are made to order and nothing sold here is mass produced. We may accept returns in certain cases only, but we are always happy to exchange or replace a product if we have sent you the wrong order or a faulty product - despite the great care we take in making sure this doesn't happen.

Sometimes it's hard to see what a sheer color may look like on your skin, we get it, we're happy to swap it for another color. Out of respect for the next customer, we ask that you try on the socks with clean feet...

At the end of the day, we want everyone to be happy with their purchase!



We do our best to keep those costs low. Free within the US. $15 for everywhere else.

If you would prefer a service faster than regular US post, please email us about your requirements but be aware there is no stock immediately available.



For PRESS enquiries, CUSTOMER questions about any of our products, please send emails to: panandthedream@icloud.com



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We are incredibly fortunate to be continuously featured in so many wonderful editorial features from various editions of Vogue, Interview, Dazed, Elle, Russh, Madame Figaro, Dansk, Love Want, i-D just to name a few... when we can, we feature those images on IG.