CHOKER - Milo Tricot x PAN
CHOKER - Milo Tricot x PAN
$ 85.00

CHOKER - Milo Tricot x PAN

Warm but streamlined, this 100% pure merino wool choker is locally made at a knitting mill here in New York. 

Wear it with a button-down shirt or a wide-open neckline top for a little show of flesh or even with a sleeveless gown. Wrap a chunky chain around it or attach one or several brooches for a personalized way to wear your jewelry. 

The Choker stretches wide enough so you won't smudge your makeup when slipping it on, or off. Available in 'Almost Black' only.

Handwash in cold or tepid water with gentle care detergent. 

NB: This product is Oeko-Tex® and Woolmark certified and produced in NY using seamless technology, which means zero waste.  Our merino wool comes from an organic farm in Australia.  For more, visit www.milotricot.com